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Our Profile

Forrest A. Garb & Associates (FGA) provides engineering and geology consulting services to the upstream oil and gas industry. Our Dallas, Texas office is staffed by a team of experienced highly trained engineers and geologists. Our clients rely on our analysis and reports for activities that include Securities and Exchange Commission Reporting, Capital Market Financing, and Legal Representation. Our reputation for attention to detail, integrity, and ethics is recognized by our clients in the oil and gas and related industries.

FGA professionals have extensive experience in the important hydrocarbon producing areas, including North and South America, the Middle East, Australia, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, Turkey, North Africa, The North Sea, Alaska, and Mexico.

FGA’s billing rates are very competitive in the industry. We provide value based independent third-party engineering and geologic services.

FGA does not participate in the working or overriding ownership of any oil and gas properties. This practice guarantees that there is no possibility of a conflict of interest with any assignment. FGA is dedicated to providing the highest level of integrity and response to our customers.

Our standards are the code of ethics the industry expects from us over decades of service. Please contact us for a complete list of services and billing rates.

Our History

Forrest A. Garb & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1988. Forrest A. Garb, the founder and now Chairman Emeritus, brings more than 40 years of practical petroleum industry experience. Mr. Garb was a staff member and then a principal of a major consulting firm for 32 years. He served as president and chief operating officer of that firm for the last 14 years of his tenure. He supervised or was associated with over 12,500 project assignments. Using this experience as a base, he founded FGA. He assembled best in class processes and technologies to complement an experienced staff ensuring value and economy to the client.

President and CEO Mr. William D. (Donnie) Harris III joined the staff in 1998 after employment experience with a major integrated oil and gas company and later on the staff of a large oil and gas consulting firm.

Our Business

Forrest A. Garb & Associates & Associates, Inc. is a consulting firm staffed by professional petroleum engineers, geologists, and technical support specialists with diversified backgrounds in all phases of the petroleum, energy, and minerals industries. The group prides itself in offering the highest level of ethics, state of the art technology, and prompt dedicated service to its clients.

The firm offers a complete range of geological and engineering services - from screening exploration prospects and designing development drilling projects to estimating reserves, forecasting future production and presenting economic analyses. Major financial institutions accept the validity of our reserve estimates and appraisal reports. The fair market analysis technique developed by Mr. Garb is regarded as a best-practice methodology by the industry.

Major integrated and independent oil and gas companies have used our estimates of future production rates and of future available hydrocarbon resources to design facilities, and to establish contract terms.

Associations with facilities design firms and with seismic interpretation firms, renowned in their own right, enable the FGA organization to offer a complete service to its clients under one master contract.

Because the company has no hydrocarbon production and because it has no outside ownership to dictate opinions, the determinations of the firm are independent. Its studies are without bias and are based on the best interpretation of all available data after processing with "state of the art" methods and equipment.

FGA restricts its business activities to consultation exclusively. FGA does not accept contingent fees. The firm subscribes to a code of professional conduct equal to or higher than professional norms, and its employees actively support their related technical and professional societies.

The entire FGA staff is dedicated to providing each client with a personalized and cost-efficient approach to serve their individual needs.